Since you promote Amazon products, you know what it takes to make money:

You need expensive products that have high commissions, but you need steep discounts to make them attractive.

You want 3 or 4 star reviews minimum, and you’d probably like more than 20.

If it’s expensive, you might want 50 reviews with 4 or 5 stars.

You can use Amazon’s built-in filters, but they are not precise enough, so you will still have to manually browse hundreds of products.

You need a software tool that can grab the contents of Amazon’s offering, and sort or filter by the things you are most interested in.

But if you’ve used some of the software out there now, you might have come up against the following problems:

  • The bad software can only find a few products that meet your criteria
  • The bad software finds products that are not related to the keywords you want
  • The bad software is limited to the number of results it can show you
  • The bad software basically takes a long time to search, and then does not give you the products you want to promote.
  • The bad software has stolen your money!!!

But check this out!

Our groundbreaking new software can return up to 100,000 results! And that is in only 30 minutes.
It takes only 1 minute to return 1k-2k results. But the best part is, the results are accurate! You get the product types you selected, not some unrelated garbage!



The Fastest And Most Accurate Amazon Product Scraper on the Market!!

It’s time to stop playing with bad tools, and step up to ZonASINHunter!

It’s so fast you can get as many as 101,923 products returned in less than 25 minutes!

Because our scraping technology is better, you get only the products you want!

Because ZonASINHunter allows you to use more search criteria, you can be sure to find products that sell well, AND yield good commissions!

You can search by:

  •  ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  • Title
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • List Price
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Stock Availability
  • Rating
  • Review Count
  • Product Features
  • Reviews
  • Technical Details
  • Category
  • Sales Rank
  • Images
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Shipping Price
  • Total Price
  • Parent ASIN

For the first time every, you’ll be able to find the exact products you want to sell, and make HUGE PROFITS!


You can find cheaper software, but it only gives you one column of displayed data, 5 threads, and it only supports 1 country.

You can find more expensive software that gives you 10 data columns, 1 thread, and it supports only 2 countries.

OR, You Can STEP UP to ZonASINHunter and get:

  • 20 Columns of Data!!
  • 500 Threads!!
  • 10 Countries!!

 THAT is why ZonASINHunter is the best!!  Here is PROOF!!



ZonASINHunter is the GAME-CHANGER! Never before have so many Amazon Affiliates been able to select so many great-selling products, so fast.

If you are a professional marketer for Amazon products, you need to stop messing around, and get ZonASINHunter!!
Stop Waiting! The time has come for you to have the tool YOU NEED to make great money!



  • No more waiting hours for your search to run
  • No more slow computer performance because of too many open browsers
  • No more crappy search results
  • FINALLY, the right tool, at the right time.



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