The Importance of ASIN Finder

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier assigned by Amazon and its partners. The unique 10-digit character is used for product identification and labeling in If you want to sell on Amazon, one of the first steps you will take is to identify your ASINs for your products. Different countries have distinctive ASINs except for a special type of product where the ASIN is defined externally and has a standard international identifier; this difference is to avoid give conflicting information. If you are not making enough sales, and your products are not found on the search index on Amazon, it is possible you have not fully utilized the potential of ASINs.

What is it?

ASIN Finder allows customers easily find and get any product in your catalog using. Searching products on Amazon can be very strenuous as there might be millions of products in the catalog. This kind of software helps you to find ASINs for preferred search criteria in order to find best products to increase your sales. It can also eliminate duplicate products in your store by comparing any duplicate listings that were registered under a different product identifier.

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Importance of ASIN Finder

The significance of ASIN Finder can never be overstated. ASIN number is important both to Amazon and to the seller. When you set out to manage inventory and ship products, you will discover that orders you receive from Amazon will have the ASIN Number inscribed on them. Therefore, the ASIN lookup request you get has an ASIN on it that you need to further map to the right product from your inventory. It makes work easy and seamless reducing the damage ASIN conflict can cause you.

With the high number of products being listed and sold on, retailers would find it hard to manage transactions but with ASIN Finder, retailers and company can give accurate information to the buyer. As a seller on the marketplace, you are likely to sell if your converting customers can easily find your product among the large inventory. To ensure better sales your product should be higher in the Amazon search index and this is only possible with the right ASIN finder.

ASIN Finder helps spot the correct number for your product with is often time and energy consuming when done manually. With much software available, you now get the job of finding the right number for your product done within seconds. Finding the ASIN number for one product can be done by searching on your browser but these are time-consuming tasks as there are millions of products listed on the marketplace. ASIN Finder software saves you time by retrieving your product’s ASIN number from Amazon. There are also tools that allow you to find bulk ASINs on the Amazon.

Due to an increase in the number of products on Amazon, Amazon continually renews product ASINs for better customer experience that increase sales. For customers, searching for a particular product by using ASIN lookup becomes frustrating when there are product contradictions. It is therefore, important for any seller who wants to make more sales to ensure proper use of ASINs that corresponds with their products.