Latest Update 2.9.x.x
Please use Manual Update (Start Menu -> All Programs -> ZonASINHunter -> Manual Update) to update. After update close ZonASINHunter then use it again to activate.


Older Version Doesn’t Work
Please update to the latest version by going to Start Menu > All Programs > ZonASINHunter > Manual Update.
Once you have updated the software, close the software then open it again to activate.

System Requirements
Operating System Windows 32-bit (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008), Dual Core processor, .NET 4 Full, 256MB RAM.
We don’t support Mac although you can use Parallels for Mac to run ZonASINHunter. 64-bit system is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to get bigger data. Make sure that you have Dual Core processor or higher. There is known bug on lower processor specifications.

.NET 4
Make sure you have installed .NET 4 Full, not .NET 4 Client Profile.
Download .NET 4 Framework here:

Cannot open file with error “Choose a program to open this file”.
Try renaming the file downloaded with file extension .exe (for example “setup” to be “setup.exe” – with no quotation mark)

Maximum Threads
It depends on how much RAM your computer have.
On our early test, we have concluded that on 100K ASIN needs 200MB RAM for 50 threads.
For rule of thumb, thread is set on how many core on your processor. The number of threads will eat your RAM and bandwidth, so make sure you have set proper setting for this. Too many threads will cause bandwidth congestion and timeout so software will not efficiently do its job. For starter, let it be 5 and gradually increase it.

Data In Stock
Data In Stock is accurately grabbed via Grab Details, although sometimes this data can be retrieved from Amazon search result, so we put it on the product list on the first Grab. Please use Grab Details to get maximum result. Some categories don’t have this data, such as Fashion, so no in stock record is displayed.

Grab xxx ASIN Only Works xxx
Amazon limits 400 pages on each link. With the assumption that maximum page has 24 product, you can get 24×400=9600 product data. On several cases Amazon only gives lower than 24 product on each page.
For example:!301130%2Cn%3A689215031&__mk_fr_FR=%C3%85M%C3%85Z%C3%95%C3%91&rnid=389153011&low-price=5&high-price=&x=0&y=0
You can see that the maximum ASIN is 67194. However, maximum pages is only 75
So maximum product that can be grabbed (without Dig Mode) is 75×16=1200.
To get more than 400 pages you can use Dig Mode.
Dig Mode

Cannot Grab ALL ASINs
First of all, no software will be able to scrape ALL ASINs on Amazon but Amazon itself. The problem with heavy scraping is Amazon trims the results to only 400 pages, so results with more than 9K is trimmed. You can try to split these pages into chunkable pages (less than 400 pages) and input these URLs in multi URL basket, but then…we cannot guarantee that you will get all products.

Cannot Grab ALL ASINs from AJAX Storefront
More often than not, it would have been scraped fully. Please see the attached picture: storefrontmax
The maximum ASINs can be scraped is: 12×200 = 2400

Supported Country
There is 10 countries:,,,,,,,,,

ZonASINHunter Limitation
ZonASINHunter can only grabbed on search result, storefront, Best Seller, Mover & Shaker, Hot New Release, Top Rated, Most Wished For, Gift Ideas, etc. Other than that it is not supported.

Doesn’t embed associate tag
Exporting to CSV doesn’t embed the affiliate URL, only the HTML embed the associate tag. We haven’t include the affiliate URL on the CSV, but you can embed those by yourself by using this example:ASIN: B00K35CSEI
Associate tag: assoc-20The affiliate URL: can read the detailed info here:

Doesn’t Grab All Products on Storefront
Storefront is a bit different than regular product search. Often times Amazon doesn’t give all products but randomly rotates them over time – this causes many duplicates across many pages. Other users have given me suggestion about using timely scraping, that’s why now ZonASINHunter can grab with delay
*** NEW ***
You can now enter the new storefront URL to get even more products, please watch this video:

Software Asks for License Code After Each Run
Right click onĀ  ZonASINHunter shortcut, then choose Run As Administrator. Next run you will not be asked again.

Export Button Not Working
The button will activate only when there’s product checked on product list. This is convenient way because you can export some or all based on different filtering.

No Image, No Rank, No Details
These data can only be acquired using Grab Details, so make sure that you have selected the products you want to get the details from (or just use the Check All), and then use the Grab Details button to grab those product details.

Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application / Cannot Update
.NET 2 is not installed, please download:
1. 32-bit:
2. 64-bit:

Update manual Error : Access to the path ‘X:\System Volume Information’ is denied
Right click on Manual Update (Start Menu -> Program Files -> ZonASINHunter) then choose Run As Administrator

Please run ZonASINHunter as Administrator
Right click on shortcut ZonASINHunter, then choose Run As Administrator.

Internal Error Occured
Please check your connection, turn off your SSH, proxy, or VPN. Software doesn’t work on proxy and third party software such as VPN or SSH tunneling.

Error “cannot open file reference not set to an instance of an object when saving
Might be some writing issue, try running the software as Administrator.

Error “System.OutOfMemoryException”
You might have grabbed too much to handle for your system. ZonASINHunter is designed for 32-bit, so it only capable of using 1.2GB RAM for its process. If this error occured, you might have hit the mark. My suggestion is you cut down the number of products you grabbed, or selectively use only data that you want using custom grab featureblank

Use of API Grabbing
In order to use API grabbing functionality to get accurate Parent ASIN, EAN and UPC you need to have Associate Tag, Secret Key and Access Key from Amazon affiliate program at
Once you have been approved, you can now get the Secret Key and Access Key. Associate Tag is the tracking ID provided by Amazon. Here’s an example of Associate Tag:
After you have Associate Tag, Secret Key and Access Key, you can enter them on the Grab Config:

DeathByCaptcha Doesn’t Work
Please allow any internet connection to port 8123 and 8130 as it is needed for the software to connect to DeathByCaptcha server port.

Thumbnails are not scraped
Thumbnails are only scraped when using URL box, but not list of ASINs. You can use the other images to use as thumbnails.

How can I feed about 20,000 ASIN numbers into asin box?
Save the ASINs list to a text file by using Notepad then use Load button on ASIN box

How to break break apart each data into column in Excel
The easiest way is to add this line on top of the file:
Here’s the example

Not all items returning UPC/EAN
UPC/EAN grabbing is based on Amazon API. According to their documentation, not all items will return UPC/EAN codes, only items that have applicable UPC

Free from Virus/Malware

Why does this display come out?
=> Seems like you are scraping too fast. Very high connection will often causing this to slow you down.Is there a way to get rid of it?
=> Not possible, it’s from Amazon server not our software. Please refer to for more information about captchas. However, you can automate the captcha input by using DeathByCaptcha service at (once you’ve purchased credits, you can put the username and password at “Config” window It will then handle the captcha input automatically without you need to type again).

Is there a way to lower the frequency?
=> Yes, try reducing the number of connections to smaller number like 1 or 2. If it’s still popping up, try limiting the scrape speed (the setting is on “Config” window)

You can contact us via support desk at

Known Bugs

Crash with HideMyIP service.

This part is for frequently asked questions. Click ZonASINHunter updates to find out the version log.