ZonASINHunter News & Update

Latest Update 2.9.x.x
Please use Manual Update (Start Menu -> All Programs -> ZonASINHunter -> Manual Update) to update. After update close ZonASINHunter then use it again to activate.


  • Older Version Doesn’t Work
    Please update to the latest version by going to Start Menu > All Programs > ZonASINHunter > Manual Update. Once you have updated the software, close the software then open it again to activate.
  • System Requirements
    Operating System Windows 32-bit (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008), Dual Core processor, .NET 4 Full, 256MB RAM.
    We don’t support Mac although you can use Parallels for Mac to run ZonASINHunter. 64-bit system is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to get bigger data. Make sure that you have Dual Core processor or higher. There is known bug on lower processor specifications.
  • .NET 4
    Make sure you have installed .NET 4 Full, not .NET 4 Client Profile.
    Download .NET 4 Framework here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17718
  • Cannot open file with error “Choose a program to open this file”.
    Try renaming the file downloaded with file extension .exe (for example “setup” to be “setup.exe” – with no quotation mark)
  • Maximum Threads
    It depends on how much RAM your computer have.
    On our early test, we have concluded that on 100K ASIN needs 200MB RAM for 50 threads.
    For rule of thumb, thread is set on how many core on your processor. The number of threads will eat your RAM and bandwidth, so make sure you have set proper setting for this. Too many threads will cause bandwidth congestion and timeout so software will not efficiently do its job. For starter, let it be 5 and gradually increase it.
  • Data In Stock
    Data In Stock is accurately grabbed via Grab Details, although sometimes this data can be retrieved from Amazon search result, so we put it on the product list on the first Grab. Please use Grab Details to get maximum result. Some categories don’t have this data, such as Fashion, so no in stock record is displayed.
  • Grab xxx ASIN Only Works xxx
    Amazon limits 400 pages on each link. With the assumption that maximum page has 24 product, you can get 24×400=9600 product data. On several cases Amazon only gives lower than 24 product on each page.
    For example: http://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=lp_689215031_nr_p_36_5?bbn=689215031&qid=1363677935&rh=n%3A301061%2Cn%3A!301130%2Cn%3A689215031&__mk_fr_FR=%C3%85M%C3%85Z%C3%95%C3%91&rnid=389153011&low-price=5&high-price=&x=0&y=0
    You can see that the maximum ASIN is 67194. However, maximum pages is only 75 http://prntscr.com/wxb50
    So maximum product that can be grabbed (without Dig Mode) is 75×16=1200.
    To get more than 400 pages you can use Dig Mode.
    Dig Mode
  • Cannot Grab ALL ASINs
    First of all, no software will be able to scrape ALL ASINs on Amazon but Amazon itself. The problem with heavy scraping is Amazon trims the results to only 400 pages, so results with more than 9K is trimmed. You can try to split these pages into chunkable pages (less than 400 pages) and input these URLs in multi URL basket, but then…we cannot guarantee that you will get all products.
  • Cannot Grab ALL ASINs from AJAX Storefront
    More often than not, it would have been scraped fully. Please see the attached picture: storefrontmax
    The maximum ASINs can be scraped is: 12×200 = 2400
  • Supported Country
    There is 10 countries: amazon.com, amazon.com.br, amazon.ca, amazon.cn, amazon.fr, amazon.de, amazon.it, amazon.co.jp, amazon.es, amazon.co.uk
  • ZonASINHunter Limitation
    ZonASINHunter can only grabbed on search result, storefront, Best Seller, Mover & Shaker, Hot New Release, Top Rated, Most Wished For, Gift Ideas, etc. Other than that it is not supported.
  • Doesn’t embed associate tag
    Exporting to CSV doesn’t embed the affiliate URL, only the HTML embed the associate tag. We haven’t include the affiliate URL on the CSV, but you can embed those by yourself by using this example:ASIN: B00K35CSEI
    Associate tag: assoc-20The affiliate URL: http://www.amazon.com/dp/ASIN/?tag=your_Associates_IDResult: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K35CSEI/?tag=assoc-20You can read the detailed info here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/help/t64/a1
  • Doesn’t Grab All Products on Storefront
    Storefront is a bit different than regular product search. Often times Amazon doesn’t give all products but randomly rotates them over time – this causes many duplicates across many pages. Other users have given me suggestion about using timely scraping, that’s why now ZonASINHunter can grab with delay
    *** NEW ***
    You can now enter the new storefront URL to get even more products, please watch this video:
  • Software Asks for License Code After Each Run
    Right click on  ZonASINHunter shortcut, then choose Run As Administrator. Next run you will not be asked again.
  • Export Button Not Working
    The button will activate only when there’s product checked on product list. This is convenient way because you can export some or all based on different filtering.
  • No Image, No Rank, No Details
    These data can only be acquired using Grab Details, so make sure that you have selected the products you want to get the details from (or just use the Check All), and then use the Grab Details button to grab those product details.

  • Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application / Cannot Update
    .NET 2 is not installed, please download:
    1. 32-bit: http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/6/e/c6e88215-0178-4c6c-b5f3-158ff77b1f38/NetFx20SP2_x86.exe
    2. 64-bit: http://download.microsoft.com/download/c/6/e/c6e88215-0178-4c6c-b5f3-158ff77b1f38/NetFx20SP2_x64.exe
  • Update manual Error : Access to the path ‘X:\System Volume Information’ is denied
    Right click on Manual Update (Start Menu -> Program Files -> ZonASINHunter) then choose Run As Administrator
  • Please run ZonASINHunter as Administrator
    Right click on shortcut ZonASINHunter, then choose Run As Administrator.
  • Internal Error Occured
    Please check your connection, turn off your SSH, proxy, or VPN. Software doesn’t work on proxy and third party software such as VPN or SSH tunneling.
  • Error “cannot open file reference not set to an instance of an object when saving
    Might be some writing issue, try running the software as Administrator.
  • Error “System.OutOfMemoryException”
    You might have grabbed too much to handle for your system. ZonASINHunter is designed for 32-bit, so it only capable of using 1.2GB RAM for its process. If this error occured, you might have hit the mark. My suggestion is you cut down the number of products you grabbed, or selectively use only data that you want using custom grab feature
  • Use of API Grabbing
    In order to use API grabbing functionality to get accurate Parent ASIN, EAN and UPC you need to have Associate Tag, Secret Key and Access Key from Amazon affiliate program at affiliate-program.amazon.com
    Once you have been approved, you can now get the Secret Key and Access Key. Associate Tag is the tracking ID provided by Amazon. Here’s an example of Associate Tag:
    After you have Associate Tag, Secret Key and Access Key, you can enter them on the Grab Config:
  • DeathByCaptcha Doesn’t Work
    Please allow any internet connection to port 8123 and 8130 as it is needed for the software to connect to DeathByCaptcha server port.
  • Thumbnails are not scraped
    Thumbnails are only scraped when using URL box, but not list of ASINs. You can use the other images to use as thumbnails.
  • How can I feed about 20,000 ASIN numbers into asin box?
    Save the ASINs list to a text file by using Notepad then use Load button on ASIN box
  • How to break break apart each data into column in Excel
    The easiest way is to add this line on top of the file:
    Here’s the example
  • Not all items returning UPC/EAN
    UPC/EAN grabbing is based on Amazon API. According to their documentation, not all items will return UPC/EAN codes, only items that have applicable UPC
  • Free from Virus/Malware


  • Captchas
    Why does this display come out?
    => Seems like you are scraping too fast. Very high connection will often causing this to slow you down.

    Is there a way to get rid of it?
    => Not possible, it’s from Amazon server not our software. Please refer to http://www.captcha.net/ for more information about captchas. However, you can automate the captcha input by using DeathByCaptcha service at http://deathbycaptcha.com (once you’ve purchased credits, you can put the username and password at “Config” window https://prnt.sc/gr5obt It will then handle the captcha input automatically without you need to type again).

    Is there a way to lower the frequency?
    => Yes, try reducing the number of connections to smaller number like 1 or 2. If it’s still popping up, try limiting the scrape speed (the setting is on “Config” window) http://prntscr.com/gr5nkq

  • Support
    You can contact us via support desk at http://automaticbot.com/support.

Known Bugs

  • Crash with HideMyIP service.


  • Version
    * Update in stock on Amazon.com
    * Update prime scraping
    * Update FBA status scraping
    * Update Import ASIN UI buttons
    * Update Import ASIN to Grab Details
    - Fix trimming when saving amazon credentials
  • Version
    * Update ranged price scraping
    * Fix Import ASIN minor typed bug
    * Update scraper definition
  • Version
    * Update item price scraping
    * Update brand scraping
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.it preorder stock
    * Update Prime status scraping
    * Update Brand status scraping
    * Update Dig Mode scraping algorithm
    - Fix Grab Details missing data
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.co.uk Dig Mode on Book category
    - Fix reconnecting on API access
    * Redesign UI main buttons
  • Version
    * Update Dig Mode scraping on books category
    * Update refinement links scraping
    * Update scraping host engine
    - Fix redirect grab details
    - Fix Filter minor UI bug
    - Fix captcha skip bug
  • Version
    * Update Dig Mode on Storefronts and Best Seller category
    * Fix minor UI processing tasks
  • Version
    * Update Dig Mode on new Amazon layout
    * Update fulfilled scraping on Amazon.fr
    * Update product details scraping on books
  • Version
    - Fix API connecting issue on EAN/UPC scraper
    * Update build links when no subcategories
  • Version
    * Update brand scraping
    * Update native font
    - Fix reconnecting bug
  • Version
    * Update content encoding
    * Update prime scraping
  • Version
    * Update Product Details scraping
    * Update list price scraping
    * Update AJAX storefront scraping
    * Update customer review scraping
    * Update automated check
    - Fix progress timer bug
  • Version
    * Update Review scraping
    * Update Other Technical Details scraping
    - Fix Filter issue
  • Version
    * Update data transport code
    * Update include out of stock issue
    * Update amazon.it captcha handler
    - Fix bug on stopping Fetch process
  • Version
    * Update book availability at Amazon.it
    * Update book scrapinga at Amazon.com
    - Fix timer issue after Fetch
  • Version
    * Update stock, prime, rating scraping at Amazon.com
    * Update child ASIN scraping
  • Version
    * Update Dig Mode on seller category
    * Update Child ASIN scraping
    * Update minor UI issue
  • Version
    * Add Delimited Char on CSV Complete
    * Update Config
    * Update Fulfilled scraping on Amazon.com
    - Fix out of stock issue
    - Fix total price issue when exporting
  • Version
    * Update movie scraping at Amazon.com
    * Update items scraping at Amazon.co.uk
    * Update brand scraping at Amazon.com
    * Update premium scraping at Amazon.fr
    - Fix clipboard copy
  • Version
    * Update scraping Brand
    * Update Best Seller Rank
    * Update Pricing on Video Games category
  • Version
    * Update bestseller amazon.co.jp scraping
    * Update title, rating, review, price, prime amazon.co.jp scraping
    * Update amazon.com price scraping
    * Update amazon.de title, price scraping
    * Update stock scraping on amazon.com
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.com product URL
    * Update Amazon.com list price, buybox scraping
    - Remove HTML on price
    * Update video game category price, shipping scraping
    * Update export CSV format
  • Version
    * Update amazon.ca bestseller scraping
    * Update amazon.com movers shakers scraping
    * Update new ASIN scraping
  • Version
    * Add category name Prime Pantry
    - Remove range price fetching
  • Version
    - Fix EAN/UPC scraping on amazon.co.uk
    - Fix Dig Mode stalling issue
  • Version
    * Update Game scraping at Amazon.com
    * Update Dig Mode on Movie at Amazon.com
    - Fix: removing whitespace on Brand scraping
  • Version
    * Update brand scraping at Amazon.com
    * Update clipboard paste import maximum length
    * Update queue URL message
  • Version
    - Removing social icons
    * Update stock on preorder items, currently unavailable at Amazon.com
    * Update Dig Mode parent categories scraping
  • Version
    - Fix ordered results on Fetch (connection 1)
    - Fix stock availability on Amazon.com
    + Add version in Log
    + Add support for “See price in cart”
  • Version
    * Remove pop up hyperlink
    - Fix exit when user closing
    * Update additional information scraping
    * Update stock Amazon.fr
    * Update stock Amazon.com
  • Version
    - Fix product URLs not built when ASIN only
    * Update author scraping on Amazon.com
    * Update best seller rank on best seller
    * Update stock availability on Amazon.fr
  • Version
    * 64-bit support
    * Update Amazon secure https endpoint
    * Update reconnection captchas
    * Update Amazon prime scraping on Amazon.com
    - Fix Grab Details connection queue handler
    - Fix CSV Complete word count
    - Fix timer progress issue
  • Version
    * Update Queue URL layout
    * Add Load from File for Queue URL
    * Update shipping price scraping on Amazon.de
    * Update Grab Details connection handler
  • Version
    - Fix messagebox thread bug
    - Fix clearing project bug
    * Update Amazon.co.uk feature scraping
    * Update Amazon.co.jp kindle title + buybox price
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.com storefront scraping
    * Update captcha handler
    - Fix bucket queue issue
    - Optimize resource consumption
  • Version
    * Update scraping Automotive, Toys, Shoes category
    - Fix link building special character encoding
    - Fix Max ASIN change bug
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.co.uk AJAX storefronts
    * Update to security protocol changes
    - Fix throttle duplicate requests
    - Remove autodetect max ASIN
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.it stock scraping
    - Fix Dig Mode progress bar bug
    * Update Amazon API configurations
  • Version
    * Update building pagination links on storefronts
    * Update preorder stock scraping amazon.de
    - Fix cross thread minor bug
  • Version
    * Update link building algorithm
    * Update Dig Mode on old storefront
    * Update captcha handle algorithm
    - Fix minor http protocol issue
    - Fix stock scraping issue
  • Version
    - Fix bestseller normal mode bug
    * Update new layout fetch scraping
    * Update feature scraping
  • Version
    * Update grab details on Currently Unavailable products
    * Update product information scraping
    - Fix product details export CSV multiple empty lines
    * Split features in CSV Complete to multiple columns
  • Version
    * Update DigMode on BestSeller
    * Update old Storefront scraping
  • Version
    * Update list price
    * Update price
    * Update stock availability
    * Update grab details table
    - Fix progress issue at storefront scraping
  • Version
    * Refactor old storefront scraping algorithm
    * Update new ajax storefront
    * Update storefront captcha breaking
  • Version
    * Updates image scraping protocol
    * Connection fix on service unavailable
    - Fix stopping grab details after captchas
  • Version
    * Change regex to string parsing for better performance
    * Update storefront Japan
    * Scrape missing marketplaceID and sellerID from storefront URL
  • Version
    - Fix ajax storefront stall progress
  • Version
    - Fix queue task in storefront scraping
    - Fix string on export
  • Version
    * Update product details scraper
  • Version
    * Update scraping details on Amazon.com
    * Update product URL on fashion category
    - Fix fetch minor bug on max ASIN
  • Version
    - Fix fetch loop minor bugs
    * Update scraping algo
    * Update Amazon.com review count
    - Fix manual Max ASIN number
    - Fix minor UI button bug when fetching
    - Fix parsing ASIN minor bug
  • Version
    * Update Product URLs on Amazon.com
    - Fix invalid operation error
  • Version
    * Update clothes product URLs
    * Update Image and word count sorting
    * Update new Amazon product details
    * Fix append data
  • Version
    * Update SSL captcha
  • Version
    * Update Sales Rank
    * Update Amazon.de rating
  • Version
    * Update Amazon old storefront scraping
    - Fix minor bugs on result number fetching
  • Version
    - Fix manual max ASIN set
    * Update price scraping on watch category
  • Version
    + Feature: MerchantID on Import ASIN
    - Fix timestamp issue on Amazon API scraping
    * Update Storefront Scraping
  • Version
    - Fix retrying URLs issue
  • Version
    * Update old storefront scraping module
    * Update support for new storefront
  • Version
    * Update Technical Specification scraping
    * Update old Amazon storefront scraping
    * Update Image scraping
  • Version
    - Fix progress bar minor layout issue
    - Fix Grab Details retry scraping module
    - Fix building links cancelled and empty queue
  • Version
    * Optimize refinement brand link scraping
    - Fix building links progress status
  • Version
    * Update image scraping module
    - Fix Dig Mode scraping minor issue when scraping subcategories
    - Fix Fetch module when scraping large number of products
    - Fix MaxASIN checking value
    * Clear button also clears log
    * Auto close captcha window
    * Add queue log to reduce CPU cycle
  • Version
    * Update Amazon Technical Details scraping
    * Update Amazon.fr URL encoding
    - Fix resizing minor bug
  • Version
    * Update Amazon Best Seller
    - Fix Export XML illegal character issue
  • Version
    * Update Amazon Prime status scraping
    * Remove logging except for Extended Log
    - Fix module versioning issue
  • Version
    - Fix illegal characters issue on Export XML
  • Version
    - Fix minor compiling issue
  • Version
    * Update Dig Mode
    * Update new buybox on Amazon.it
    * Update availability on Amazon.it
  • Version
    * Update storefront scraping routine
    - Fix duplicate dig mode categories scraper
  • Version
    - Fix description empty bug
    - Fix empty duplicate extended log
    - Fix empty storefront items
  • Version
    * Update UK storefront scraping
    * Update storefront captcha breaking
    - Fix Filter button hidden layout
    - Fix best seller scraping routine
  • Version
    * Update UK storefront scraping
    * Update storefront captcha breaking
    - Fix Filter button hidden layout
    - Fix best seller scraping routine
  • Version
    - Fix subcategory deep links
    - Add sanity check to refinement links
    * Update Dig Mode scraping
  • Version
    - Fix minor visual bug
    * Update book scraping Amazon.com
    * Update storefront scraping
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.com buybox price
    * Multiple book author comma separated
    * Update Amazon.it book description scraping
  • Version
    - Fix ASIN only scraping on Amazon Best Seller
    - Fix Extended logging
    - Fix duplicate column on CSV Complete
    - Fix grab config options not saved
    * Add NotFound status on log for 404 ASINs
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.com keyword based scraping
    * Optimize software build
    + Feature: ordered for best seller 1 connection
    - Fix internal queue ASIN lists
    * Improve visual UI layout for queue and basket buttons
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.de URL encoding
    * Update scraping image based brand caption
  • Version
    * Update Amazon browser version
    - Fix CSV Complete details minor issue
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.com book scraping buybox list price & lowest price
    - Fix ChildASIN empty initialize list issue
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.de technical details scraping
    - Fix minor connectivity issue
  • Version
    * Update storefront scraping routine
    * Update amazon.com URL spacing parsing
    - Fix URL keyword encoding on amazon.co.jp
  • Version
    * Update building links routine: amazon.com, amazon.co.jp
    * Update Dig Mode amazon.co.jp
  • Version
    - Fix closing up window bug
    * Get author name on Amazon.com Books category
    - Improve caption visibility on Grab Config
  • Version
    * Update Amazon.com: Availability
    - Fix mixed up CSV Complete columns
  • Version
    - Fix single image not scraped
    - Fix full size image scraping
    + Add affiliate link to CSV Complete
    - Fix description parsing newline
    - Fix exporting CSV Complete checked only
  • Version
    * Update BestSeller Rank on Amazon.com
    - Fix Technical Details scraping issue
    - Fix Category on product search scraping
  • Version
    - Fix Child ASIN initializator
  • Version
    + Scraping Child ASINs is now supported
    + Category scraping on product search
    * Update Grab Config settings
    * Update image Brand scraping on Amazon.com
    * Update Parent ASIN scraper routine
    * Update Amazon.co.uk link parser
    * Update Amazon.ca link parser
    - Fix EAN/UPC initial data
    - Fix double scraping EAN/UPC
    - Fix XML export notification bug
    - Fix XML technical details export error
    - Fix Queue URL button display
    - Fix Grab details notifications
  • Version
    - Fix XML export progress minor bug
    * Update third party shipping cost on Amazon.com
    * Update XML exporting structure
    * Update scraping technical details
    + Export CSV complete
  • Version
    - Fix open project missing message
    - Fix queue issue
    + Exporting XML big size is now supported
    * Storefront scraper update at Amazon.com
  • Version
    - Update Amazon.com: Reviews, Reviews Count, Features, Technical Details
    - Update Amazon.com: App Store Scraper
    - Optimize scraper connectivity
    - Fix status bar lagging
    - Fix export button grabbing issue
    - Fix progress bar resizing issue
  • Version
    - Fix user value
    - Change progress to link percentage
    - Improve storefront progress
    - Update: Amazon.co.uk storefront
    - Fix HTML Export Euro format number
  • Version
    - Update Parent ASIN on Amazon.co.uk
    - Update Amazon.de category
    + Add copy ASINs to clipboard on right click
    - Change export label to copy
  • Version
    + Add Prime field
    + Scrape rate limiting
    + Export ASIN to clipboard
    + Affiliate link on CSV
    + UTF8 on Export HTML header
    - Fix progress bug
    - Change Grab button name to Fetch
    - Fix Grab Details bug after Filter Delete
  • Version
    - Update review count scraping on product search page
    - Fix minor issue on scraping loop
  • Version
    - Update customer review grabbing on Amazon.com
    - Fix XML tree export
    - Update greedy link parser
    - Fix pagelink scraper
    - Fix duplicate image scraper
  • Version 2.8.9
    - Updates scraping access
    - Update image grabbing routine
    + Get thumbnail on ASIN list mode
  • Version
    - Fix apostrophe bug found in URL
    - Fix new storefront grabbing calculation
    + Set max ASIN on new storefront
  • Version
    - Update Amazon API calls
    - Hyperlink click open browser
  • Version
    - Update description Amazon.com.br
    - Update Parent ASIN from API Calls
  • Version
    - Shipping price and total price updated (Amazon.fr)
    - Minor updates on layout forms
    - Minor hardware compatibility fixed
  • Version
    - Dig Mode notifications modified
    - Fix captcha API calling issue
    - Fix loading issue on Grab Details
    - Fix storefront product description missing
  • Version
    - Update Amazon.com game category
    - Update non responsive URL on asin grabber
  • Version
    - Update scrape dig mode for Amazon.com
  • Version
    - Update scrape engine for Amazon.com
  • Version 2.8.8
    - Update cancel process
    - Update DVD Amazon.de
    - Update Amazon.com
    - Fix cancelling incomplete grab details
    - Fix ASIN List not enabled when grabbing done
    - Update get Product URL on Amazon.com
    + Multiple category scrapping
  • Version 2.8.7
    - Update Amazon US rating grabbing (standard & book)
    - Update grab options for FBA
    + Filter for Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Version
    - Dig Mode update
  • Version
    - Update on Amazon URL scraping
  • Version
    - Update new table list price and price scraping
    - Update amazon link scraping
  • Version
    - Fix Amazon API not saved
    - Fix EAN/UPC grabbing when error returns
  • Version
    + New seller storefront supported
    - Fix progress bar still running issue
    - Fix ASIN to EAN/UPC still grabbing details when ASINOnly checked
    - Fix ASINOnly column layout not changing
    - Update timer details
    - Add Amazon API validation
  • Version
    - Workaround for connections stalling
    - UPC/EAN rate limiting
    - Fix UPC/EAN progress counting
    - Update Brand grabbing
  • Version
    - Fix Brand saving issue
    - Optimize description grabbing speed
  • Version 2.8.5
    + Added support for UPC via API
    + Added support for EAN via API
    + Added support for ParentASIN via API
    + Add Brand field
    + Add filter for Brand
    + Add Export item for UPC, EAN, Brand
    + Update description grabbing on DE/FR
    + Update Category grabbing
    - Optimize grab details for faster conversion
    - Grab details title support for Amazon US instant videos
    - Optimize waiting for thread on long processing
    - Fix removing comment on description bug
    - Fix random thread starting problems
    - Fix trimming description
  • Version
    - Update storefront layout on Amazon UK
    - Update description grabbing on Amazon UK
  • Version
    - Fix lost digit on rating number
    - Update amazon.es stock scraping
  • Version
    - Fix update description not grabbed
  • Version
    - Orange status set as in stock on Grab Details
    - Update price on Amazon.co.uk
    - Optimize memory management
  • Version
    - Update stock information on product search (amazon.com & amazon.co.uk)
  • Version
    - Fix default update settings
  • Version
    + Add import ASIN (Currently supporting US, CA, CN, FR, DE, IT, JP, ES, UK)
    - Update grabbing on product detail: title, rating, review, price, list price
    - Update list price and price on Amazon.de
    - Fix button and checkbox minor issue when grabbing
    + Saving options
  • Version
    - Update resultcount in breadcrumb
    - Update review count and rating
  • Version Optimize iframe grabbing
    - Fix script and CSS grabbing
    - Fix corrupted CSV data on product description
    - Fix update result count
    - Fix double space on data
    - Remove tags on descriptions
    + Building links counter
  • Version Fix clear filter bug
    - Fix exact number append
    - Fix autodetect not working on append
    - Fix check all when filtered bug
    - Fix exit on auto update
    + In Stock descriptive in grab options
    + Custom list view
    + Add timestamp field
    + Filter category
    + Filter based on timestamp
  • Version
    - Fix not responding Export CSV on large project
    - Fix update for getting Parent ASIN on table layout
  • Version
    - Fix export to HTML
    - Fix not closing when auto update
    - Fix exact quantity
    - Faster when checking all items
    - Fix opening project displayed checked items
  • Version
    + Add support for AppStore for Android
  • Version
    - Fix update result count not grabbed
    - Fix software compression issue
    + Add Extended log for better support
  • Version
    + Support Dig Mode for best seller mode
    + Add confirmation on exit
    - Fix for Amazon rating grabbing on vertical layout
  • Version
    - Fix update on rating & review at Amazon US product search
  • Version
    + Add shipping price on storefronts (Currently supporting US, FR, DE)
    + Add support for amazon warehouse (Currently supporting US)
    + Add support for grabbing parent ASIN
    - Fix divided by zero bug on grab rate
    - Fix amazon book category scrapping
    - Fix data compactor
  • Version
    + Add support for captchas on several places
  • Version
    + Add Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) field (Currently supporting US)
    + Add Grab option fulfilled
    + Add Export detail for FBA
    - Fix link to new member area
    - Fix loader module
  • Version
    - Best seller grab updated
    - Better error log
    - Encoding update for Japanese
    - Amazon Japanese grab updated
  • Version
    - Grabbing cellphone new Amazon layout
    - Fix grabbing technical details on new Amazon layout
  • Version
    - Fix changes on most helpful reviews grabbing
  • Version
    - Fix timeout issue on crawler
  • Version
    - Fix encoding charset UTF CSV issue on amazon.de
    - Fix captcha issue on amazon.de
  • Version
    - Fix encoding issue on Amazon.FR
    - Fix minor paralel scraping issue
    - Change scraping method to accomodate captcha
  • Version 2.8
    + Add Captcha Service DeathByCaptcha
    + Add Manual Captcha input
  • Version
    - Fix server migrating issue
  • Version
    + Add no compression feature to avoid out of memory error when saving very big data
  • Version
    - Fix minor update price Amazon
    - Fix minor update thumbnail image
  • Version
    - Fix price update changes from Amazon
  • Version
    - Fix grabbing encoding
    - Fix version checking bug
    + Custom grab
  • Version
    - Update save memory handler
    + Save project as different name
  • Version
    - Fix Windows Vista minor bug
    - Update Amazon thumbnail
    - Fix tooltip image zoom size
  • Version
    - Updates Amazon.co.jp title & description grabbing
    - Fix encoding error on built-in browser
    - Fix divided by zero bug
    - Fix popup grabbing Amazon.co.jp
  • Version 2.6.8
    + Add category column
    + Add Export for category
    + Add description words count on CSV and XML
    - Fix rating column don’t show up on CSV
  • Version
    + Adding max images module
    - Rollback ; to , in CSV mode
    - Changing format for images in CSV, images to be the last column
    + Dynamic image column, maximum 10
    - Change images to comma separated instead of multi line for better parsing
  • Version
    - Update fix feature on fashion category
    + Add more info on grabbing done
  • Version
    - Update fix feature not grabbed
    - Change CSV format and add images to list
  • Version
    - Update fix Amazon.cn product search
    - Update fix star rating
    - Fix opening project grab details bug
  • Version
    - Rolling back layout update
    - Remove duplicate info when grabbing
    - Fix bug checking storefront
  • Version
    - Fix reviews data
    - Toggle layout UI for asin grabber module
  • Version 2.6.7
    - Fix in stock Amazon update
    - Fix popup stock and description
  • Version
    - Fix rating number on reviews
    - Fix review count on grab details
    - Fix missing page on grabbing
    - Fix product title on grab details
  • Version
    - Fix product URL change
    - Change threads to connections for better experience
  • Version
    - Fix rating doesn’t show up on Amazon.com
  • Version
    - Fix panel search bug
    - Group checked box to Grab Config form
    + Add Delay to Continuous Mode
    + Append Data
    - Building hash when grabbing started
    - Fix list price update on market US
    - Fix continuous duplicate variable when aborting process
    - Fix autodetect Best sellers ASIN grabbing
    - Fix Dig Mode storefront update
    - Fix icon support
  • Version 2.6.6
    + Added support for bestseller, hot new releases, movers & shakers, top rated, most wished for, gift ideas (beta)
    + Added support for storefront (beta)
    Note: Dig Mode is not supported yet for both features
    + Added function continuous (beta)
    - Update truncated title on grab details
    - Fix multi url skipping
    + Add Help form for better support
  • Version 2.6.5
    - Fix server issue
    - Improved latency on processing
  • Version
    + Fast cancelling
    + Optimize grabbing reducing load
    - Fix long running UI issue
  • Version 2.6.4
    - Amazon update image fix
    - Fix minor processing when grabbing
  • Version 2.6.3
    - Fix check all not responding on large list
    + Add checking progress
    - Optimize Uncheck all
    - Fix opening info
    + Changed opening to top window
    + Clear reset max asin to 0
  • Version 2.6.2
    + Optimize Grab on large product list
    + Optimize Grab Details on large product list
    - Fix panel button still active when grabbing details
  • Version
    - Fixed null reference object on grab
    - Fixed compression packing
  • Version
    - Fixed Multi URL bug
  • Version 2.6.1
    - Fixed grab all mode
    - Fixed update on fashion dig mode
    - Fixed product description on fashion (grab & preview)
    - Fixed image grabbing on fashion details
  • Version 2.6
    + Double Buffering List
    + Select multiple row
    + Timeout info on log
    - Fixed empty virtual object error
    + Multi URL support
    - Fixed lock duplicate object
  • Version
    - Fixed error when resuming Grab Details
  • Version 2.5.4
    + Added description to CSV files
  • Version
    - Fixed about form floating task bug
    - Fixed race condition crash on startup
  • Version
    - Fix list price & price format currency on HTML
    - Fix duplicate customer review on export XML & HTML
    - Fix grabbing duplicate customer review
  • Version
    - Fix missing page on Dig Mode
  • Version
    - Fix minor http protocol issue
    - Fix byte counting bug on grab asin
  • Version 2.5.3
    - Fix minor bug on grabbing still running when done
    - Get first price on ranged item like in fashion category (lowest price and price)
    + Display downloaded bytes and connection speed
  • Version
    - Optimize minor thread scraping speed
    - Optimize memory size by unused modules
    - Fix minor random error when preparing threads
    - Fix regrab not affecting checked items when grabbing details
    - Fix autoupdate glitch on Win 7 64-bit
  • Version 2.5.2
    - Optimize core scraping performance
    - Fix lagging thread while scraping
    - Fix layout resize problem
  • Version 2.5.1
    - Fix sometimes stuck when stopping grab
    - Optimize memory consumption for grabbing
  • Version 2.5
    - Optimize startup
    - Fix saving to file message in csv
    + Added field commission on product list
    + Added field to csv commission
    + Add filter commission
    + Add currency on filter form
    - Fix thread management when stopping
    - Fix thread loop
    - Fix parallel url grabber module
    - Fix detail stuck when grabbing
    - Fix time counter not resetting every grab
  • Version 2.4.1
    - Fix license, now works for Windows 64-bit
    - Fix autoupdate glitch
  • Version 2.4
    Packing file produk Amazon bakalan lebih mudah dengan split dan compress.
    - Fix split bug
    +Added feature compress file (ZIP) on export for CSV, TXT, HTML
    - Change box associate tag to export options
    - Fix autoupdate glitch
    Note: Export HTML file ZIP bernama html.zip
  • Version 2.3
    Makin males dengan fitur splitter untuk memecah product menjadi beberapa bagian sesuai dengan yang Anda inginkan. Pada versi ini hanya tersedia untuk CSV & TXT saja.
    - Fix opening project check all disabled
    + Added feature for splitting for CSV export
    + Added feature for splitting for TXT export
    - Fix bug export CSV & TXT panel disabled
    - Fix bug message box on export
  • Version
    - Fix bug on synchronization lock performance
  • Version 2.2.4
    - Fix currency bug when changing currency on regional & setting computer
    + Added support for software category
    - Fix bug empty url
    - Fix rating bug related to regional
    - Fix grab list price and price on Grab Details
    - Optimize replace function on Grab Details
    - Updating list price and price when Grab Details
  • Version 2.2.3
    - Concurrent bug on grab details
    - Export only works on checked items
    - Export HTML file missing
  • Version
    - Minor fix currency bug (for user with non English regional setting)
  • Version 2.2.2
    - Fixing parallel bug on more than single core processor CPU
  • Version 2.2.1
    - Fix performance on Grab & Grab Details
  • Version 2.2
    - Fixing version display on forms
    - Concurrent lock optimized for increased speed in parallel processing
    - Optimize speed in building links, clearing filter, apply filter
    - Fix check all not unchecked when grabbing new
    - Optimize replace function, make it fast!
    + Added feature Export HTML (use HTML Import for WordPress)
    + Added Facebook Share button
    + Added Twitter Share button
    - Fix panel still enabled when opening projects
  • Version 2.1
    - Remove Thumb column as all has thumbnail
    + Added Description word count column
    + Added Technical column
    + Added Image count column
    + Added Features column
    - Fix font not changing bug when opening new projects
  • Version
    - Minor rating grabbing fix for europe country
  • Version
    - Fix empty image when only one large image found
    + Export as txt (only ASIN saved)
    - ASIN Mode for faster processing when grabbing only ASIN
    + Asking autodetect when Max ASIN is not zero
  • Version
    - Fix rating review not grabbed
  • Version
    - Fix Rating not grabbed on amazon.com
    - Fix title const
  • Version
    - Fixing check all and filtering bug, when filtering checked products are cleared
  • Version 2.0.1
    + Grab all mode for grabbing product which has no narrow value such as amazon.co.jp
    + Setting max thread to 500
    - Set button Grab and Grab Details larger
    - Portable setting for easier updates
    - Find bar matches bottom of listview
    - Splash screen optimized
  • Version 2.0 – Initial Release