In order to use this software fully you will need to buy a valid licence. A licence key lasts for one major version since the software needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep working because Amazon updates their site regularly. We have over 382 updates for the current version (2.x). That’s like 1 update releases every single day!

The license only valid for 1 PC, but you can reset the license via members dashboard if you would like to move the software to other computer without having to buy another license, but only one copy can work at a time.

Free ticket support is included with your licence. We endeavor to reply before the same time the next working day, but often respond within a few hours. We will continue to provide support for a version of the software until we declare that version ‘no longer supported’ – typically this won’t be until at least a year after we stop selling that version.

Refunded customers are not eligible for support. We do not provide technical support by telephone.

A version x licence key is valid for all version x releases of the software. For example a version 2 licence key will work for versions 2.0.1 and 2.1.0 of the software.

If we make a new major release within 3 months of your purchase we will upgrade your license key to the next major version for free. If we make a new major release more than 3 months after your purchase you will be able to upgrade version for a fee.