Grab Amazon ASIN to Analyse the Market Demand

To get data from Amazon database, there are various methods you can do. Apart from web scraping, you can also grab Amazon ASIN. For you who want to earn money from Amazon, you must know the basic method of how to grab Amazon ASIN. However, if you are a newbie in dealing with Amazon, you must learn the basic knowledge first.

First of all, you must know what ASIN is. ASIN is an identification number of certain products displayed on Amazon. As you may all know, Amazon displays and offers hundred thousands of products from many manufacturers all around the world. The products might be the same type but the manufacturers might be different. This is how ASIN is needed to identify each product displayed on Amazon.

For you who want to earn some money from Amazon, you must feel confused how to analyze those hundreds thousands products only be viewing the ASIN. You should never do it manually. It will take time and energy if you do that way. Instead, you can grab Amazon ASIN to help you analyze the plenty of data available on Amazon. Grabbing Amazon ASIN will allow you to get the ASIN of all products in certain category you need.

You must type a category of product on Amazon to be able to get its ASIN, either manually or using Amazon price scraper. Once you have managed to get the ASIN, you will see the results in a single spreadsheet. The single spreadsheet allows you to be able to analyze it more easily. Since, the format of the ASIN grabbing results will be the same, you can analyze the data more easily. You don’t have to feel confused even if you have to analyze hundreds or even thousands of data.

To grab Amazon ASIN is easy. All you need to do is to visit You can then choose any category from Amazon to be filtered. You can select any rating product. It is recommended that you select products with rating 3 stars. Then, filter the products. Having filtered it, you also need to filter the prices. You better select products with prices of above $100. You have finished filtering the products.

The next step is to grab Amazon ASIN. You can simply do this by using software such as ZonASINHunter or visiting the ASIN grabber site, i.e. Then you need to enter the URL Amazon you have filtered previously. You can copy and paste the URL to the ASIN Grabber coloumn. You can also determine the number of Amazon pages that you want to grab the ASIN. After this, you can submit it.

Grabbing Amazon ASIN will give you many benefits. Apart from the easier analysis being mentioned before, you can use the data to see the market condition. Products with certain ASIN that is highly demanded means that the products has good sale. You can see the market condition of certain products. Thus, when you promote a product to earn some money, you can use the data to pick certain products to be promoted. By doing so, chances to get better earnings is larger.