Scrape Amazon Prices to Analyze the Most Beneficial Prices

Analyzing data manually from various sources is tiring and exhausting. It takes hours to finish the analysis. Since many websites display their data using various formats, it makes you difficult in analyzing them completely. If you need data from websites to be analyzed to expand your business, then you need web scraper software. Data scraper software can be used to scrape various data. For example, you can scrape Amazon prices using the web scraper software.

Amazon provides many products from various manufacturers. The products have their specification. On the Amazon catalogue, you can see details of products, including the name of the product, the image, the product description, the specification, the ASIN and the price. You can easily scrape these details of products using web scraper software.

Scraping data from Amazon will give you many benefits. You can use the data to find out customer’s preference. You can also use the data to expand your business. You will know the market condition so you can manufacture your products to suit the market demand. In addition, you can scrape Amazon prices to offer the best price for your own products. To scrape Amazon prices, you need to do price matching.

Price matching means that you compare prices data of products from Amazon with the prices of products you will sell. When you take prices product data from Amazon database, you change it into slightly under the lowest prices from Amazon database. It sounds easy and beneficial for your business. In fact, it is not that easy. You will face many challenges when you scrape Amazon prices.

The most obvious challenge is that most products displayed on Amazon from distributors around the world don’t have an ASIN. ASIN is the Amazon product ID in the form of number series. This ASIN functions to check the details of products. However, you can still do data scraping step by step to get the most accurate data.

What you need to do to get the data from Amazon database is to loop through all SKU in the product catalogue. For each SKU, you can get the name, the ASIN, the group, the new/used price, the url and the manufacturer. These details will be stored in array of entry. Once you have got the data entry, you can check whether the product name, the manufacturer, the product group, the ASIN and the price match.

When you are sure that the data you need exist, you can start harvesting the data by grab ASIN Amazon. Harversting means to import all possible data you require. Once you have harvested the data, you can create a CSV filw specifically in the Amazon format, and then push it via Amazon encrypted upload. Having harvested the data, you can then use it to analyze factors that you will be able to use to find out the market condition.

You can compare the new or used price so that you can create your own price slightly below the price displayed on Amazon. Your scrape Amazon prices has been successful then.