Amazon Product Finder from ASIN to Get Complete Product Information

Amazon Product Finder from ASIN for the ASIN number conversion can help you save time and money when you want to find a product on Amazon. The tool is useful for you to generate hundreds of product information along with their ASIN numbers from one single keyword search. With the tool, you can use the most relevant information for you. The information will be displayed in the form of data in your browser.

The data, which is usually in excel file format, is downloadable. You can also create and then upload an excel data that contains product information you want to convert, and within seconds, you will be able to have a converted data document. The data document is user-friendly and it is easily to comprehend.

Converting Your Products

To use the tool, you need to have an account so that you can have full access for product information. The product information includes the product name, picture, price and ASIN number. You can select the way to convert the product information. You can convert the information either individually or in bulk in the form of excel spreadsheet. You can create the excel document using the .csv or .xls format for the product you want to convert and then upload it to the ASIN tool. Within seconds, you will be able to have an organized list that contains product information, and they are ready to be exported to your computer.

How ASIN Tool Works

You may think that using ASIN tool is difficult to understand. It may be unfamiliar for you, especially if you never use such a tool. In fact, using Amazon Product Finder from ASIN is easy and simple. Either the individual or bulk searches work using the same resources to generate results. Thus, when you are searching for various matching product numbers, the bulk search might be the right choice. This is because you can download the results of the bulk search and then view the results instantly from your PC.

On the other hand, if you use an individual search, you will only be able to see the results online without being able to download the results. When you type a keyword in the keyword search column, your keyword will be sent immediately to Amazons API. The Amazon API then returns the results containing the related product information that includes the name of the product, the image, the price and the ASIN number.

The Technology Used for the Product Finder from ASIN

Both individual and bulk search of Amazon Product Finder from ASIN use relatively similar technology. When you have registered as well as uploaded your list, the XML returned from Amazon is parsed. Then the data will be displayed to you in the form of document or data in your Internet browser. Fortunately, the data will be stored in your account for 24 hours. Hence, you can keep the data and then you can download the results at a later time. The mechanics is a bit different than Amazon Niche Finder.