What is An Amazon ASIN Number and How to Get It?

If you are any way connected to selling things on Amazon, then you must be aware of the word ASIN Number. However, there are many others who are entirely unfamiliar to the term, its uses and its importance. So to my readers, I only want to say just “keep on reading the blog” as Today you will learn something new.

We all are well cognizant of the online retailer Amazon and its importance in our daily life. As who got that much spare time to go for shopping if everything you want is available online? Here the question is how a retail giant like Amazon handles such a large variety of products and a global customers’ base?

Well, while we talk about handling the inventory and customer base, the importance of ASIN codes is pivotal. ASIN helps Amazon to create and efficiently manage the retail catalog. This article will give you an elaborate knowledge about what an Amazon ASIN Number is? Furthermore how you will get one for yourself?

What is ASIN Number?

ASIN Number is a unique, Identification Number used by Amazon to identify various products. The ASIN is the abbreviation of Amazon Standard Identification Number. It comprises of 10- alphanumeric characters, which is unique to each product category. Those can only be assigned to your product, either by Amazon or its listed partners.

How to identify ASIN Numbers?

There are various places on where you can find your ASIN codes, including product details, the web address of the product and software tools.

  • Web product address:

This is probably the easiest and the fastest way to identify a product ASIN. All you have to do is to look at the address bar of your browser. Here you find the ASIN code right after the product name.

asin number amazon

  • In the product window:

The other place to find an ASIN code is the product detail window on the Amazon page.

amazon asin number

  • Software tools:

Finding the ASIN may prove to be a tedious and hectic task to do if you have thousands of products. However, a stress-free way to do it is to have a software tool. There are various such as tools available on the market, namely ZonASINHunter, which allows the import of product identifiers and thus retrieves the ASIN for you.

zonasinhunter asin number lookup

Having an ASIN for your product

If you are a seller or affiliate marketer or even a drop shipper having a unique ASIN is vital to your product sales. Confused? You don’t need to be. ASIN code is unique then your product will be seen as the search more easily and promptly, and you do not have to compete with other sellers. When someone searches for your ASIN or your product description, your product will appear immediately. Mention below is the complete method as to how you can have a new-product ASIN for your product.

amazon add a product asin number

First, go to the Amazon “Add a Product” tool for adding a new product ASIN. However, to have a brand new ASIN code, your product must be unique and should not be available at Amazon already. However, before creating a new ASIN, you must be aware of your product’s GTIN Number. There are various forms of GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) including UPC, EANs, and the ISBNs. UPC is the abbreviation of (Universal Product Code) a 12 digit code. While EAN is a 13 digit code known as the (European Product Number) and ISBN is the International Standard Book Number, a 10 to 13 digit code for products to be sold internationally.

You can find these codes near your products Barcode. If you do not already know the GTIN, next ask for the one from your manufacturer. However, if you are the manufacturer, then you have to register your product to get one. Amazon uses These GTINs for the creation and matching of ASIN codes.

Importance of ASIN to Amazon

Amazon uses its ASIN codes to track its inventory and index catalog pages for searching and browsing by product. By having this technology with it, Amazon widens the search options for its customers and thus enhances their shopping experience. Due to this reason, Amazon can answer with the precise product for their customer’s search. However, for Amazon to identify the correct item, the sellers have to use the accurate ASIN in their products. Otherwise, Amazon won’t be able to search your product for showing them to the customers.

Importance for Sellers, Drop shippers and Affiliate marketers

So much so far we talk about ASIN code and how to get one, etc.. But, one thing, which is worth attention is how this Number is going to help sellers, Affiliate marketers or drop shippers?

One of the basic benefits associated with getting an ASIN is to reduce the competition. Amazon is converting itself into a large marketplace, and thus the level of competition is becoming fierce day by day. If you are the only person who offers the particular product, then you have no one to compete with.

Being a seller on Amazon, you have to compete with various other sellers, affiliate marketers and drop shippers which are ready to capture the market. By having a unique or a new ASIN will cut off that competition. However, Amazon has very complex criteria for identifying a product to be unique. Thus it is challenging for you to have a unique ASIN if your product matches with the one already existing on Amazon.

Amazon ASIN Number creation policy

If a product to be sold is already available in the retail catalog, then you have to match it to the previously existing ASIN. If not, then you will be allowed to create a new one. Still, Amazon is very particular about protecting the online shopping experience of its customers. Which is why it keeps a close watch over the number of ASINs a seller applied for in a given week and also reserve the rights to limit or remove the ability of the sellers to create a new ASIN.

In contrast, some sellers to reduce competition create duplicate ASINs. Even so, according to Amazon policy such practices are strictly prohibited. It may result in revocation of your ASIN creation and selling privileges.

If you intend to sell your product on Amazon or to be a marketer or drop shipper, you must have a complete and thorough knowledge about ASIN codes. As for how you can identify your product with a unique ASIN, affects directly your sales and profits.