Amazon Sales Rank Tool

Sales rank on Amazon is one metric to measure for sellers and affiliate to judge if the competition is high or not so you can have a plan of launching the items to your store or marketing it. Remember that the lower the number of Amazon Best Seller Rank, the higher the sales. This number …

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Amazon ASIN Number Lookup by ASIN/URL

ASIN Number Lookup: By ASIN

Getting ASIN number is a great way to store detailed information about products if you have numerous products. It’s also a step away from the product detail page. The fastest way to get to the product detail page is by inserting the ASIN number into the Amazon search box.

Here’s an illustration how you can do it:

Suppose you have ASIN Number: B0764BD7WV
And you want to jump right to the product detail page using the ASIN code.

asin number lookup by asin

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Adding SSL/HTTPS Security Headers

In addition to moving from HTTP to HTTPS, we had to make sure that we benefit all of the SSL so the move is worth it. Next step after implementing SSL is to add SSL/HTTPS security headers to the web server.

Checking for SSL security headers is quite easy. Just go ahead and go to and input your site in it. It will then show you the score and what you need to do in order to up the score.

Higher score means higher security. Long gone the hassle to battle clickjacking and other XSS script attacks because most up to date browsers have support for this security headers.

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