Amazon Image Search To Spy Competitors

There are multiple reasons why you want to search for images on Amazon. You might want to get your competitor’s pictures. In this case, you will need a tool to do the job. ZonASINHunter is a perfect Amazon image search tool for you.

However, if you want to spy on your competitors to gain insight into how they use their images in their stores, you don’t need any tools. No software is required, even you don’t need Amazon Image Search Chrome extensions or to do the job.

Why Search Amazon by Image?

search amazon by image

One important reason you want to search Amazon by image is to see how many sellers use the same picture. You will then use this knowledge to decide whether you wish to use the same photo or not for your store. 

You can also use these tips to search for sellers that have the lowest price. Usually, when people do this, they followed a link from a blog post or website with affiliate links and unsure if they would get the best deal.

You are gauging the market saturation. If too many sellers use the same images, it is not a good sign to enter that market. You would have to deal with price wars instead of building your business with healthy profits.

Another useful thing by searching image on Amazon is for looking suppliers. For instance, if you want to purchase a product from Aliexpress but don’t want to wait for the long shipping time. You can search it on Amazon instead and utilize your Prime membership. However, keep in mind that since it is from China, there might be many different names for the same image.

How to do Amazon Photo Search

amazon photo search

First, you need to prepare your photo. You can quickly get it by visiting your competitor’s store. Once you find the photo you want to search, click on it, then when the large window opens, right-click, then pick “Copy Image Location.”

amazon picture search

It would copy the image URL, then type in “” on your browser’s URL box. Click on “Search by image,” which is the camera icon. Then paste the image URL and click the button.

amazon reverse image search

Google will show you many search results relevant to the image. However, there might be too many results but only one from Amazon. 

We can filter the search to only show results from Amazon. Type “” next to the keyword and hit enter on your keyboard. You can also change the host to another Amazon marketplace. So if you are searching for Amazon Japan, you would type “” instead.

amazon search by picture

Google will then only show you the results from Amazon. You can now see how many stores are using the same image. If there are too many stores are using the image, you might want to rethink your strategy. You can do this by using another unique picture or modifying it to look different from other sellers. You want to make your photo stands out to capture the attention of potential buyers. Hopefully, they would buy from you, not from different stores.

Remember the keyword Google generated when we search by image? We can also use that keyword to search on Amazon. However, since it is a broad keyword, we would get many unrelated products, as shown here.

amazon search by photo

You can also use the URL generated by Amazon to search fast using ZonASINHunter. Later you can filter the products to narrow down the search to make it more relevant to your needs.

Here’s a video demonstrating step-by-step:

How to see sellers selling the same product

To search for the specific products and how many sellers are selling for that product, we can use the ASIN code. Copy the ASIN code and fire up ZonASINHunter. Click on the “ASINs” button to import the ASIN and hit the “Import” button.

copy asin code

You can then see how many sellers are selling for this product on the “Offers” column. Click on it, and you will be able to sort the prices from lowest to highest. 

zonasinhunter offers page

Using Image Search to gauge market saturation

You can also use image search on Amazon to see if a new product you want to sell has already gained traction. If that product has reviews, ratings, or best seller rank, you would know it has demand. This method would minimize the risk of selling products that nobody would buy. A great Amazon sales rank tool to get the best seller rank is ZonASINHunter.

Copy all of the ASIN codes of your competitor’s products on your clipboard, then open ZonASINHunter. Import the ASIN codes, then wait. You will see that this product has the potential of the Best Seller Rank.

zonasinhunter amazon bestseller rank

The Problem with using Google for Amazon Picture Search

One big issue when using this method is you cannot categorize or sort the products. Suppose you want to find the best deal for a particular product. You might miss it because the results are extensive, and the lowest price might show up on the last page of Google.

It is when you need a tool. ZonASINHunter can accurately handle this without any issue. Just grab the keyword you get from the image search earlier, then go to Amazon and put the keyword on the search box. You will see many sellers have this keyword for their store.

Copy the URL generated by Amazon and open ZonASINHunter. Put it and hit Fetch. Once ZonASINHunter is done processing, you can sort them out by price to get the best deal. No need to subscribe to price comparison sites. Get the result instantly using ZonASINHunter. You can even extract data from Amazon to Excel in real-time for further processing.

Another annoying issue when searching for an image on Google is that “visually similar images” might be way off. The color and shapes may be similar, but it’s not the product you are looking for earlier. It happens from time to time.

visually similar images


Amazon product image search by using Google is a great technique that doesn’t require any tools. It’s easy and fast. You can instantly know how many sellers use the same photo for their product display on their store. This way, you can rethink your strategy and use a different image or modify it to look unique.

Another advantage of using Google search is that you can use this technique on either Mobile or Desktop.

However, you cannot use this method to categorize and sort the products. For this particular reason, ZonASINHunter can do the job better for you.