Amazon ASIN to EAN Converter Tool

Amazon ASIN to EAN Converter Tool

Too many ASIN to EAN converter tools out there are not safe and expensive to fit your budget.

ZonASINHunter is a Windows software with a free built-in Amazon ASIN to EAN converter tool you can use. You can convert a bulk number of ASIN codes and get not just EAN numbers but also UPC numbers.

All you need to convert ASIN to EAN is just a Windows PC or laptop and some working proxies. The software doesn’t need any other sensitive credentials, such as Amazon API or your Amazon account. 

It has been a rumor between Amazon sellers whose accounts closed because of abusing the API. Not using sensitive information is a great way to stay under the radar and simultaneously gain insight into your competitors.

For new Amazon sellers, these two identifiers might sound too complicated. But to get you started, I will do my best to explain the differences between ASIN and EAN numbers and how you can get them both quickly.

Amazon ASIN Meaning

amazon asin meaning

ASIN number stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, which has ten characters consisting of numbers and letters. It is a product identifier that is unique to Amazon.

Amazon EAN Number

amazon ean number

EAN (European Article Number) is a 13 digit code you see on barcodes. For Amazon sellers, the EAN number is an essential aspect of their business as EAN must match every ASIN code in the inventory.

ASIN and EAN Numbers for Amazon Sellers

Both ASIN and EAN numbers are essential for Amazon sellers for their inventory management. They quickly help to search and manage their list of products fast, such as checking incoming orders or tracking inventory for their suppliers. ASIN, EAN, and UPC are product identifiers, but only ASIN is unique to Amazon. 

EAN number is an international standard that everyone in the world knows for product identifiers; however, it’s for ASIN. For the same EAN number, ASIN codes in Amazon US might be different than in Amazon JP.

Amazon assigns every ASIN code to match every new product released on its website. Every seller must have unique ASIN numbers for their products. If not, they will not be able to sell their products on Amazon. To list a new product on Amazon, a seller must have the correct ASIN code for each product they have because it is different from marketplace to marketplace. You can’t just take an ASIN code from Amazon US and list them on Amazon JP, for example.

Another ASIN code benefit is you, as an Amazon seller, and your customers can easily search for the products on Amazon just by using the ASIN code. ASIN also makes it easier to optimize your store listing on search engines if you decided to bring it on SEO. You can also use a paid sponsored listing and can easily find your products to advertise.

ASIN to EAN Converter Tool

asin to ean converter tool

There are a lot of ASIN to EAN converter free tools on the market. However, they use your Amazon credentials, which means you have to give sensitive information to the developers’ hands. It would be very risky for your whole business operations, as you must assume that all developers are honest.

If you don’t want to give out your Amazon credentials but want to safeguard your privacy, you should take the paid route. I recommend you use ASIN to EAN converter, which uses the scraping method instead. With scraping, there is no need for you to give your Amazon account credentials. 

However, scraping is slower than using API as Amazon API will contact Amazon directly to ask for specific data. In scraping, the software must first get the particular page on the Amazon website, then translate them into the data needed. Scraping has a two-point process, whereas API only has one.

Why Use ASIN to EAN Converter

There might be times when you, as a seller, want to accumulate stock from your supplier. In this case, you will need EAN codes. You can convert the ASIN to EAN easily using ZonASINHunter.

How easy? Rather than searching one by one for the EAN codes for each ASIN number, you can gather the ASIN codes in bulk and throw them into the software at once.

You can watch the video below to learn how to use the software to convert ASIN to EAN. Just input the ASIN codes into the software and hit Convert. In seconds you will get your EAN codes delivered. The software can then export the data to CSV files for further processing.

One significant benefit of using ASIN to EAN converter sees if the products exist on Amazon for the matching EAN number. You can then get to decide whether you can earn profits on Amazon or not.

In the old days, getting the conversion from ASIN to EAN would take hours or even days but not anymore. ZonASINHunter streamlined the process to get the conversion done within minutes, saving you both time and money than other tools.

Once the software has done converting, you can export it to a CSV file. CSV is a generic file for raw data. You can open it on Excel, Open Office, or even Google Sheets. Opening this on a spreadsheet software will let you see the information needed to handle your inventory. With ZonASINHunter, you can get thousand of EAN numbers fast.

How ASIN to EAN Converter Works

We use proprietary technology to scrape the data, not needing any Amazon credentials. This technology alone gives you real-time and accurate data compared to web apps, which stored the data in a database before serving it to their users. The data stored then reused to other users, which makes it not real-time.

ZonASINHunter uses scraping to get the data accurately. In real-time, it then translates it to human language immediately without storing it first before serving.

You can do individual searches if you don’t have many ASIN codes and want to get fast results. However, if you plan on getting a significant number of ASIN codes to convert, then the tool would be great for you.