Amazon Data Scraping Jobs

Amazon Data Scraping Jobs

Finding a freelancer for Amazon data scraping jobs is quite a hassle since you need to back and forth to the freelancer site. You need to specify your requirements and then contact either by email or skype and see if the freelancer is good for you. Here’s some reason why you don’t need to hire a freelancer for Amazon data scraping jobs or code the scraper if you’re a freelancer anymore.

For Employer:

Amazon Data Scraping Jobs are Expensive

Most of hiring freelancer for data scraping jobs purpose is to get data. Raw data, not compiled data which you can act upon them. A report of CSV or Excel file is the usual format since they are so reliable and versatile to be included in any reports. There’s no need for fancy database or beautifully designed reports. Most of the jobs are done by the employer, not the freelancer. The job of the freelancer is just code and deliver it to the client.

This is why it is a waste to hire a freelancer that would cost hundreds of dollars just for one time need. See below screenshot and judge if you need them or not.
data scraping jobs

Freelance Web Scraping is Time Consuming

Another reason why you don’t need a freelancer to do the job is that the freelance web scraping job is time consuming. You need to interview the person, specify your job then monitor the work. You need to specify a lot of things, such as script used, programming languages, data to be included, the time consumed, etc. For the programming language itself, there’s a lot of it that can do web scraping. Take Python and PHP for instance.

Your time spent on finding a freelancer is like finding a needle in haystack. That’s because freelancers are everywhere from low coding skill to the high coding skill who would take a lot of your company budget in no time. Web scraping is hard but so many people can do it, however it takes a lot of time for non experience programmers to handle the job seriously.

Based on those assumptions, it is your best bet to get ZonASINHunter which gets you fresh data anytime you need, not depending on the availability of freelancers.

For Freelancer:

Amazon Data Scraping is Repeatable Job

There’s a lot of demand for Amazon data scraping, which makes it really time consuming and hard if you code your script anytime an employer hand you the task. It is far more efficient if you just use Amazon ASIN search tool which cuts your time in half, you just invest the tool then the tool would pay for itself since the job paying is very high. You don’t need to code anymore, since the tool has most of your client need anyway.