Hiring Freelancer for Building Amazon Price Scraper PHP

Hiring Freelancer for Building Amazon Price Scraper PHP

Hiring freelancers must be your last resort on getting your hand dirty for collecting data since it takes time to build an amazon price scraper using PHP. Not many freelancers are willing to take the job for smaller price, as ZonASINHunter does.

Why would you hire a freelancer if you can do it for less than $100 you pay for a freelancer?


It’s Hard to Build Amazon Price Scraper

There are various types and different categories, which make it harder to scrape from Amazon. It’s one of the reasons why the prices of these freelancers are not cheap. Expensive freelancers might be able to do the job as good as ZonASINHunter, but you might have to pay him a lot of money to do so. Not to mention that it’s not repeatable. You must hire them again if Amazon updates their site as the script you paid will no longer work.

Broken scripts can be your one number reason why paying for software to scrape Amazon prices is going to be your best investment ever.

Why Desktop is Far Better than PHP Scripts for Amazon Price Scraper

PHP scripts has their own place in the world of scraping ASIN Number. The main reasons it sucks are because the script must run on a web server, either if it’s on your computer (using local host as the server) or on the cloud running remotely.

It’s hard to code, debug, and even run the script. You would have a lot of headache running a PHP script on your own if you’re not even a programmer. This is why web apps for Amazon are generally expensive. Just to maintain, you need to pay for domain each year, hosting each month, not to mention hiring a network administrator to handle the server.

Desktop software in other hands, are much more manageable for personal uses. If you’re not on a big company which demands you to get reliable data fast and don’t care of the prices, then go ahead buy those insane web apps which will drill a hole in your wallet faster than you can say “PHP”

Desktop Software uses Real-Time Data

An ASIN Finder desktop software like ZonASINHunter good for personal uses. However, it might not be faster than web apps to display the data as it had to be scrape the data first whereas web apps use cache data, which makes it not real time.

You will experience differences between prices, stock and other crucial data when using PHP Amazon price scraper than using a desktop software. This is well-known and, you must prepare for it if the prices are shifting from time to time.

Desktop Software is Inexpensive

Because of the maintenance of desktop software is relatively inexpensive, you can make sure that you will be getting your return on investment faster. Custom software which demands you to learn how to scrape is not the best choice either. You cannot get your data quickly, have some steep learning curve in how to use the software and even have to learn JavaScript and CSS. If you don’t want to learn them and just focus on getting the data, then ZonASINHunter is your best bet.