ZonASINHunter – Copy All ASINs and Shipping Price Scraper

This end of year we decided to release an update which we think are crucial for the users to download, mainly two main component which are copy ALL ASINs to clipboard and shipping price scraper. Other main area we can’t mention is how we refactor the code so it will run smoothly on high number of ASINs, particularly for power users who scrapes many product data daily.

Some users were requesting for a quick access to copy all of the ASINs on the list to clipboard, so we made a slight change to include it on this ZonASINHunter update you can download automatically by running the software.

zonasinhunter copy all asins to clipboard

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Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS has been on our mind since years, but we didn’t feel the need to move. However, lately we decided to move our site to HTTPS to handle secure connections and obviously to have that padlock green icon logo.

The migration took quite a while because issuing the certificate takes a bit more time of our network administrator time. WordPress sites and non-site are also a bit the challenge to handle especially on PHP scripts. Switching from http to https and back to http is somewhat a pain. The checklist is rather small. However, only the time is crucial as it needs to be done fast because of concurrent thousand users are accessing our site at zonasinhunter daily.

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Please download ZonASINHunter either in Members’ Area or by Automatic Update. In this update, you will notice that Amazon has changed the Prime status to AJAX requests, so it will take more requests when doing “Grab Details” If you don’t need this status, you can turn off the feature on “Grab Config” window by …

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ZonASINHunter Download Update – Book Category

Recently there are some minor changes to Amazon category, mainly for Books category where they now apply dynamic frame to the description. This makes it harder for scraper to get the description. Luckily, we’ve coded some changes to the newest update to handle this situation. Other important updates are buybox scraping for books and author …

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