ZonASINHunter Download Update – Book Category

ZonASINHunter Update: Book Category

Recently there are some minor changes to Amazon category, mainly for Books category where they now apply dynamic frame to the description. This makes it harder for scraper to get the description. Luckily, we’ve coded some changes to the newest update to handle this situation.

Other important updates are buybox scraping for books and author which is now comma separated, like illustrated below:

amazon multiple book authors

You can download the newest ZonASINHunter update automatically through the software, or by Manual Update if you are having an issue using automatic update. We will release updates often, so make sure to check

If you have any issue on the new update, or needing some assistance or even suggestions please submit a ticket to our helpdesk or send us an email. Thank you for making ZonASINHunter the best Amazon scraper.

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