ZonASINHunter Download

ZonASINHunter Download

ZonASINHunter Download – It’s another update this month with some critical updates regarding Amazon changes. Basically there are four changes you can get when downloading the update.

Child ASIN Amazon

Child ASINs are the variations of the product on Amazon. It tells you that different colors, sizes, packaging has different ASINs in it. And each ASIN also has its own Parent ASIN.

First change is the UI of the ZonASINHunter software. The addition Child ASIN to CSV simple would be good for those of you who need to get more job faster as parent-child ASIN Amazon products are one of the most taxing job to do because of variations are different for each products and across categories.
export child asin zonasinhunter
By getting the Child ASINs, you can also get the photos and all details using “Grab Details” button.

Amazon Storefront URL Updates

Amazon Storefront URLs support are one of the best feature on ZonASINHunter. It allows you to spy on your competitors store and tracking their prices from time to time. You can also get all detailed data on their store as well. ASIN Hunter currently has two modes supporting Amazon Storefront URL: regular URLs and AJAX URLs.

ZonASINHunter inputs are mainly for URLs. This includes Amazon storefront page, tabs and list. Just input the amazon storefront link on the software and search for all products in one click. You can also get the data details including images and  ASIN numbers.

amazon storefront

Amazon Warehouse Price

It’s another feature that heavily used daily for our users. It allows you to get the products listed on Amazon warehouse. Could be great for drop shipping for greater margin since they are used things.

amazon fba status

Scraping Amazon warehouse prices are also one of the ZonASINHunter update. The Amazon warehouse consists of used prices which are not handled with older version of the software. In order to get the prices, you need to update the software to latest version.

Amazon FBA Scraper

You can tell that product is allowed on Fullfilment by Amazon or not by looking at this status. It’s a good criteria to have for selling your product on Amazon as not all products can have the FBA status. Fulfilment by Amazon handles all of your headaches, from shipping to customer service.

amazon fulfillment by amazon status

All you have to do is sending your product to Amazon and pay the fees and they will do all the rest for you. It’s good to be true, but you must calculate the fees and your profit first to make sure you’re making money on the way to go. If not, just skip and try other product and calculate again.

Amazon FBA status is also updated. Amazon change around the layout for the past years and we had to replace the code in order to match for the updates.

ZonASINHunter Download

Those are the four changes to ZonASINHunter So please update it when you’re not on the latest version. ZonASINHunter free download updates can be found at the members’ area.

Next post I would describe how security on our site has improved greatly because of moving from HTTP to HTTPS.

If you don’t have the software, click here to see what we have to offer. It might suit your need like other thousands happy users.