ZonASINHunter has updated to This time the updates are minor, which you can skip if you want to but I suggest you updated as soon as possible if you either use Dig Mode or storefront scraping. Amazon storefronts are one of the main feature that updated a lot, no wonder because sellers and drop shippers use them a lot to gain knowledge on their competitors and their own storefront so they can improve their store or get highly searchable and profitable products to sell.

Dig Mode has been improved over time. It’s slower, but the ability to dig down to the end of subcategories will make it worth the wait. Building links for Dig Mode is time consuming, but when it is done, the scraper will run at maximum speed which depends on your internet connection.

As usual, you can read the FAQ to see what kind of updates are released today. You might also want to use Manual update if the automatic update doesn’t work (which happens a lot on users with older versions). Hit us up on support ticket if you need more assistance. Cheers.