Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS has been on our mind since years, but we didn’t feel the need to move. However, lately we decided to move our site to HTTPS to handle secure connections and obviously to have that padlock green icon logo.

The migration took quite a while because issuing the certificate takes a bit more time of our network administrator time. WordPress sites and non-site are also a bit the challenge to handle especially on PHP scripts. Switching from http to https and back to http is somewhat a pain. The checklist is rather small. However, only the time is crucial as it needs to be done fast because of concurrent thousand users are accessing our site at zonasinhunter daily.

Benefit of Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Changing the website protocol from HTTP to HTTPS is not just for SEO benefit, but also for Google which like a secure site more than non-secure site. It as well adds a peace of mind to our visitors because of the secure logo on their browsers.

Moving from http to https Checklist

If you want to migrate your site to https, there’re a lot of things to consider:

  1. Can you access the domain registrar, or do you have to call other people to handle it? It would take time to buy the SSL and issue the certificate. You must communicate back and forth with your network administrator to do so.
  2. Issuing the certificate and installing it. Please note that your network administrator will do most of the work from changing the DNS and installing the certificate on the server. Communication is the key when doing this.
  3. Once the https certificate is installed. Next thing you need to do is testing the website and ensures that it is secure. Mixed content is common issue when moving from HTTP to HTTPS. Just change your site address to https (if you’re using WordPress) then change all images’ source to https.
  4. Redirect 301 all content to https then you’re ready to go.

Test Your Server

There’s quite a bit of information on the google about how to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. However, the most important thing is to test it.

Last thing you must do in order to complete the migration is to test it. Let your network administrator test it, let another person to the team test it to make sure you don’t miss any small details.

If you’re not tech savvy, just let your network administrator do the work. Alternatively, just pay other people to handle it. You’ll save your time as it’s quite a headache if you don’t have the skill to do so.

ZonASINHunter Update for HTTPS

We also update the software to to reflect this migration to https changes. You don’t need to do any work since the software will be automatically update upon starting.

The Amazon warehouse scraping is also updated to get the price since Amazon made changes recently. If you’re still using older version, I suggest you to update the software immediately as the old version will not be supported anymore in the future.

The members’ area will be on https instead of http. Don’t worry to lose the bookmark on your browser as it will be redirected to secured address automatically when you visit the site.