Amazon Sales Rank Tool

Amazon Sales Rank Tool

Sales rank on Amazon is one metric to measure for sellers and affiliate to judge if the competition is high or not so you can have a plan of launching the items to your store or marketing it. Remember that the lower the number of Amazon Best Seller Rank, the higher the sales. This number varies from categories, and one item can have multiple best seller ranks.

What is Sales Rank?

If you’re still not clear about the rank meaning and what it does to the Amazon product. Amazon doesn’t reveal what the use of Best Seller Rank. However, it is very well known that you need only to get to the lower number as soon as possible since they indicate best-selling items, and have a chance to list on Amazon best seller page.

Besides targeting for specific Amazon keyword, getting into the best seller page would greatly increase product sales. In simple term, you can say that the numbers convert Amazon rank to sales. Of course, you will also need to use keyword research to gauge the perfect item you need to sell.

The best seller rank is very important when you sell products by sourcing the product through FBA. It will reduce your risk and maximizing your profit since you can tell that the sales probabilities of the products are high. As an Amazon seller, you need to be careful of your cost. You can find out these by using an Amazon keyword tool. Even on Amazon, no one would want to list products there that doesn’t sell.

Various Amazon Sales Rank Tools

Popular tools on the Internet offer various kinds of pricing to the tool. Free Tools offer limited features to lure customers into paying monthly subscription. Take notes that these online tools are using Amazon API and needs your Amazon credentials in order to operate them.

Be careful of sharing these credentials to unknown source since these can be used for nasty things. Your Amazon associate account can be used to look up products on Amazon without you knowing. This shared resource is well known thing to conserve the server resources. However, it will greatly limit your number of queries in a day. You will need to upgrade from free tool to paid one each time your resource depleted.

Online Amazon Tool

The online version of the rank tool as mentioned on extract data from Amazon article, uses a cache to serve the data so it will conserve the query limit Amazon provides. This has a huge drawback since Amazon best seller rank changes in a short period of time (hourly based on wiki). The other disadvantage is you need to provide your credentials in order it to work because it uses Amazon API. Furthermore, it only uses Amazon keyword or ASIN for the inputs, no specific URL allowed.

Desktop Amazon Tool

Desktop version of Amazon tool provides greater versatility over online version but less convenience as you need to operate the software and have a bit of knowledge about installing and getting it to work. Moreover, software such as ZonASINHunter doesn’t use API to get the bestseller rank so no limit of how many queries you can use. It’s pure scraping makes it able to use URL, not just Amazon keyword that you can get for free from browsing Amazon site. Now that’s what I call Amazon seller freedom.

amazon sales rank tool