ZonASINHunter – Copy All ASINs and Shipping Price Scraper

This end of year we decided to release an update which we think are crucial for the users to download, mainly two main component which are copy ALL ASINs to clipboard and shipping price scraper. Other main area we can’t mention is how we refactor the code so it will run smoothly on high number of ASINs, particularly for power users who scrapes many product data daily.

Some users were requesting for a quick access to copy all of the ASINs on the list to clipboard, so we made a slight change to include it on this ZonASINHunter update you can download automatically by running the software.

zonasinhunter copy all asins to clipboard

In this case, we have split two features: Copy checked and copy all. The difference is only for the amount of the number copied to clipboard for later use. If you would like to copy only the portion of the data (the checked ones), you just use the copy checked feature. If all ASINs is the one you want, please use Copy All to clipboard.

Another update for this end of year 2017 is how the shipping price is scraped. Amazon changes their site regularly, and one of the changes they made is for the shipping price. It’s a regular update for this Amazon scraper software. As the software has incremental update, it’s very important to update ZonASINHunter from time to time. The software will be automatically updated upon starting, and if you’re having problem on updating the software, please contact our support desk.

Last but not least, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!