Download ZonASINHunter – Here’s another update in the end of the year of 2017. It has two main updates you can use in order to increase your productivity in 2018. Imagine that you have a list like this:
zonasinhunter import asin

There’s a lot of spaces and you don’t want to bother with eliminating these spaces. Now you can just put this list into ZonASINHunter then the spaces will be eliminated automatically. Please see the animated video right below:


Another important feature update is the addition to Child ASINs and Parent ASIN filter. Some users suggesting this to isolate products which have variations or not. It will be greatly beneficial for them to just use the one that doesn’t have variations. I’m sure it will come handy for you. Here’s the animated gif on how to use this feature:


And now you can export and use the product list however you want. If you’re not automatically updated to the, you might use the older installer. Please download the updated installer in the members’ area and it will be automatically updated. However, if you’re still don’t get it, please contact support.

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