Amazon ASIN Collector Tool

Amazon ASIN Collector Tool

There are many types of Amazon ASIN collector tools to choose, and it’s sometimes confusing because of it. Due to a vast number of tools out there, we divided these asin grabber tools into two main category: desktop and web apps.

Desktop ASIN Collector Tool

Desktop ASIN collector software is the one resides on your computer and needs your Internet connection to collect asin number from Amazon. This can also be categories into two: native desktop apps and browser extensions.

Browser Extensions: ASIN Grabber Chrome/Firefox

Most of the browser extensions which get Amazon Standard Identification Number information (ASIN) are based on chrome. I don’t see many of the developers develop using firefox add-ons. You can find out which one you need at chrome web store, which provides free and paid tools.

The advantages using browser extensions are the convenience of just using the browser. However, this kind of software has many disadvantages, mainly because it relies on a browser to handle the job. Browser extensions can only be used on a particular URL, and don’t support multiple URLs at the same time to collect the ASINs. This makes it takes more time than just using other solutions below.

WordPress Plugin ASIN Grabber

Not quite web apps, wordpress plugin also relies on your Internet connection or your hosting to get the data. A lot of people now use WordPress and plugins are mostly be abused. You would find that many people can’t use it on a particular hosting because of the resource it takes, or the hosting IP has been marked spam and the asin grabber wordpress plugin can’t be used at all. You will need a dedicated hosting that has sterile IP in order to use it, and it’s expensive.

Amazon ASIN Tool Web Apps

Another popular solution for getting ASIN codes is web apps. Most of the web apps just need you to login to their site, and their server will handle the job. This is the most convenience solution since you don’t need to think about technical issue. However, because of it uses the server resources that you don’t have, you have limited access to what kind of data you can get. Most of the web apps use Product Advertising API and MWS for their asin collector tool. However, this has limitation as well. You can’t lookup ASIN using URL which can only be gotten using web scraping.

Amazon ASIN Collector Tool: Free vs Paid

Here comes the fun part. There’s a lot of debate, whether you use free tool versus paid tool. I can tell you that it all depends on your budget. If you’re just starting out, it would be excellent if you invest on marketing and use free ASIN tool and invest some of the profit you get by getting paid tools later in order to boost your marketing effort.

Free Tools are decent for a beginner but paid tool is what makes leading marketer more high-powered. It eliminates the research time and focusing on your marketing instead. Another reason why you would need paid ASIN tool is that it keeps the developer updating the tool, making it up to date, and you can use it everyday. Amazon changing their site extremely often, and it would make free tool obsolete very fast. Take, for example, ZonASINHunter. It is highly maintained and supported for the last six years and counting.

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The only way to get at this update issue is by paying someone else to do it. Hiring a freelancer is a perfect solution, but very expensive for most of us.