Amazon ASIN Number Lookup by ASIN/URL

ASIN Number Lookup: By ASIN

Getting ASIN number is a great way to store detailed information about products if you have numerous products. It’s also a step away from the product detail page. The fastest way to get to the product detail page is by inserting the ASIN number into the Amazon search box.

Here’s an illustration how you can do it:

Suppose you have ASIN Number: B0764BD7WV
And you want to jump right to the product detail page using the ASIN code.

asin number lookup by asin

Hit enter then you’ll get the product match the ASIN number you inserted earlier.

asin number lookup by asin result

Clicking on the item will bring you to the product detail page.


ASIN Number Lookup: By URL

Even faster way to look-up ASIN number is by using URL. You can manipulate the use of Amazon URL to get straight to the details page without going to search by using the box.

It can be used for multiple products, and definitely will jump your productivy up. In order to use the URL, you need to know the URL pattern to get the product detail page. Usually the URL pattern are as follow: asin number

or asin number

Either way, it will give you the product detail page right away. However, if you have a lot of ASIN number, it would be very repetitive and consume a lot of your precious time.

That is why we created ZonASINHunter, you just enter the ASIN number to the field and it will gather the data immediately without you having manual work. zonasinhunter amazon asin lookup tool

However, even it’s faster this way, there one disadvantage using this method. You only see the default detail page which Amazon decided for you to see. You will need to click and find the seller you’re looking for in order to get the pricing for that particular seller.

amazon asin product detail page

Then you’ll be directed to offer page which consists of many sellers with different prices.


Suppose that you know the seller ID, you can then insert this on Zon ASIN Hunter and get immediate price data for that seller only.

zonasinhunter seller asin

Stand-Alone ASIN Lookup

ZonASINHunter is a stand-alone asin lookup tool which resides on your computer. You don’t need to worry about data being stolen or sold by third-party web apps which resides on the cloud.

The software will save the data on your local computer, not some cloud server which can be shared across different users, or even your competitors can see it!

It would be very crucial for you to run your business and being step ahead of your competitors without competitors spying on you.