How to Get Amazon Product Image URL

How to Get Amazon Product Image URL

Amazon provides many sizes and formats for images, but many people who are selling on Amazon want to get the Amazon Images URL only concern about getting the largest one, many because it is convenience, you can manipulate the image as you like, and not getting a lot of small sizes low quality images, which would clog their computer hard disk space. So how do you get them?

What is Amazon Product Image URL?

Amazon images URL is the Internet address that showing the images for Amazon products. There are two types of product images: one you see on the product search page like this one:

amazon product search images

And another one when you browse to the products on Amazon detail page, with larger images inside:

amazon product image url

How to Get Amazon Image

There are two ways you can get image URLs, one is of course by manually create the URL yourself, and getting it automatically using some kind of software or scripts.

Take, for example, the product with ASIN number B07C9MPJCM. You can get some of the images using this format:

The first part should be the address of Amazon image server, and you just insert the ASIN in the ASIN number part before the picture extension JPG. So, it would be:

However, this method is hit and miss. You can get some image URLs, but it won’t work on other products. This method is very old and not recommended because of the inconvenience and the hit-and-miss scenario. Amazon makes it really hard to direct link the images because hot linking the image is a sure way to kill server bandwidth.

Getting the Amazon Image URL automatically can be done using three main methods: generator, API, and scraping.

Image URL Generator for Amazon

Generating the URL is the same as using the manual one, except it is done within the software so you don’t have to copy paste the ASIN and the link. It cuts the time. However, its effectiveness is the same as manual work.
Amazon Product Image API

Using Amazon API, you can get the product images easily. However, it is very limited so you need to be careful on how many requests you have sent to Amazon. Using API is not always the cheapest solution, as getting the URL needs you to execute some scripts and software, which usually cost a fortune.

Amazon Image Scraping

The not so famous method of getting the product images URL for selling on Amazon is by using an Amazon scraper. It’s precise, fast and don’t need any Product Advertising API, Amazon MWS accounts or using any other Amazon API. Just plug in the ASIN then hit one button to get the URLs.

download amazon image url

You can then extract the data and download the images from there.

save amazon image url

Amazon Product Image Size

There are two sizes you can choose when using ZonASINHunter, thumbnail and the largest sizes. Few people care about other sizes such as small, medium or large, especially Amazon seller. All of the images for products have different URLs so you need to know which one you would like to get. This is a go to software for Amazon seller and Amazon affiliate who use images on daily basis to market the products.

How to Save Amazon Product Images

Once you get the URL, the last thing you would want to do is save it to your hard drive. This of course can be done manually by going into the browser and paste the URL to the address bar. Once it is loaded, you can right-click the image and hit the save button. Another technique is by using an image downloader like IDM. Paste a whole bunch of URL into the software, then hit download. The images you downloaded will be on the folder you choose earlier.