How to Find Amazon Product by ASIN Number

How to Find Amazon Product by ASIN Number


The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is an alphanumeric 10-digit character used to identify products on Amazon. They are unique and assigned by Amazon and its partners for product recognition and classification on the Amazon Catalog. Every product sold on has a matchless and an individual Amazon Standard Identification Number. ASIN is the most important product identifier on Amazon that differs from product to product and country to country. The ASIN of a book is simply the same as its ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

Amazon has limited the number of ASINs sellers can create within a week to protect its customers and ensure the products sold are genuine and not counterfeit. However, as you increase in the seller hierarchy your capacity to create new ASINs in a week increase.

Importance of ASIN

ASIN is vital to every Amazon user. For Amazon, an ASIN is used as a product reference for cataloging, arranging and displaying search results. ASINs enable customers to get an advanced search option that gives them to get the particular product they are looking for. When customers use a product’s ASIN, they get the exact description of the product they want. For example, a customer who wants to buy a medium blue shirt can just type the ASIN for that description and get exactly what he wants. To sellers, before you can list any products on Amazon, you will first need to find the products identification number.

The process of listing products on Amazon relies extremely on the Amazon Identification Number (or ASIN). Any product a seller wants to list on Amazon’s catalog must have a unique ASIN. Where a number of merchants are selling exactly the same product, then this value is how the results are put together so that Amazon users can see all sellers.

How to get a product’s ASIN

To sell a product that already exists on Amazon; you need to match it with its existing ASIN. However, if your product has never been listed on the Amazon, you will have to create a new ASIN. Most sellers and customers on Amazon often ask, “How do I get an ASIN number to list my product?” Getting a product’s ASIN a very simple task. There are various ways to get ASIN these include getting it from the address bar, product description and use of tools. To search for bulk ASINs, you need to use tools to make work easy and fast.
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Find Amazon product by ASIN

Now that you know how to get your ASIN, finding a product by its ASIN code is crucial for a trimmed down search result.

Once you have gotten the ASIN of the item you are looking for, getting the particular product becomes seamless, as all you need to do is typing the ASIN into the search box, hit go and bam! You have the exact product you need in the search result area.
search amazon product by asin