The Power of Amazon Reviews in Affiliate Marketing

Writing reviews are one of the best way to go to when doing affiliate marketing. It is a time consuming process besides keyword research and selecting the best Amazon products to promote which you can automate using our ASIN inspector tool. There are many reasons why reviews work:

People like to be told that you are on their “side”

Trust is the name of the game. It takes time to nurture your audience of the niche, get into their interest and ultimately solve their problems by providing great value.
And of course, getting commission for providing the value. This is a win-win solution for both of you, as your audience can solve their problems, and you are getting money back.
You can do this by providing them with a solution they need. In this case, when we are positioning our self as Amazon affiliate, the solution must be Amazon products.
Focus on their problem and give value, not focusing on the product. This way, your audience will trust you more and not defensive because of you are being too direct with making a sales.

People don’t like being manipulated

Nobody likes to be sold to, that is a classic way to sell anything online. When you are sharing a secret to your reader, it should feel honest. And don’t forget to help them in the process of getting the problems solved.

Hard selling still works, but it will cost your reputation and trust. Especially if you’re not one of that big celebrity on TVs. However, there is an alternative to hard selling method, and it avoids any problem with your readers:

Amazon affiliate marketers don’t need to be hard selling. In fact, their only job is to drive quality traffic and send them to Amazon store with embedded affiliate links. That’s it. So avoid any manipulations and force people to buy. You will be frowned upon Amazon and your readers for doing that.

Amazon has done pretty good job on converting visitors to users, so all you need to do is warm them up and they will ready to buy.

In conclusion, writing Amazon reviews is a great way to:

  • Recommend any products that you’ve tried and worked
  • Help your readers to solve their problems
  • Get in touch with your reader

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