How to Find Book ASIN Number

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)

Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique 10 alphanumeric characters used to identify items on Amazon. The ASIN of Books is identical to its ISBN. However, for all other products; a new ASIN number is generated or existing ASIN is used when the product is sold on Amazon. The ASIN of a product is located on the product item page together with additional details associating to the product, including details of its number of pages (for books), size, or how many discs (for compact discs).

Why Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are Important

ASINs is influential to the success of any seller, drop shippers and affiliates on Amazon. Nevertheless, it easily helps shoppers and buyers find the particular product they are looking for with ease. It every inventory or store setting, a suitable referencing system is the only way to get accepted coordination and increased efficiency. ASINs bring your products exactly where you want to see and where converting buyers can see. Increased sales on Amazon go hand in hand with its identification number. With the advent of recent technological advancement on Amazon, product search, efficiency and yield have increased exponentially as a customer can buy a merchandise within five minutes.

The relationship between ISBN and ASIN

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. All published books are given a unique ISBN that can either be 13 or 10 digits.

How to find book ASIN Number or ISBN:

Here’s how to find ASIN Number and ISBN codes on Amazon:

  1. Visit
    Amazon website
  2. Search for your book title
    Amazon search bar
  3. Get to your book page
    Amazon product detail page
  4. Scroll down to the product details or check on the address bar.
    Amazon Book ISBN

ASIN Policy

To become a seller or sell products that exist on the Amazon, you need to get its equivalent existing ASIN. If your product’s ASIN has not been generated or is not in the Amazon catalog, you will have to generate one. These ASINs creations has limited privileges that should not be violated. To protect the customer’s experience, Amazon has reduced the number of ASINs you can create within a week. As you make more sales on Amazon, you can create newer parent and child ASINs.

Although creating fresh ASINs would limit the number of visitors, you get on your product page using existing ASIN for products in the Amazon catalog helps drive high-quality converting customers. If your products previously be present on Amazon, using existent ASINs instead of creating a brand new duplicate ASIN allows you to get the optimal results.

Creating a creating a new ASIN for a product that previously exists on (i.e. a duplicate ASIN) is prohibited and can result to suspension or permanent removal of your ASIN creation and general selling privileges.