ZonASINHunter Update

ZonASINHunter Update
Here’s some minor updates on our Amazon scraper software:

– Fix ASIN only scraping on Amazon Best Seller
– Fix Extended logging
– Fix duplicate column on CSV Complete
– Fix grab config options not saved
* Add NotFound status on log for 404 ASINs

Amazon best seller and such has been fixed on ASIN only scraping. This makes it now not displaying blank when scraping with only ASIN as reported by our loyal users.

On CSV Complete, if you are using the same field (duplicate field on Amazon product detail page such as ASIN, it would replace the value on previous field above). This will prevent the duplicate field replacing the same field name so it will have new fields. However, this would introduce another issue as you will get multiple fields across the CSV and needs to delete them manually.

Some grab config options are not saved, there is a slight bug so we fixed that.

Another addition to the scraper is the logging which is now more interactive displaying the ASINs that are not found on Amazon website. This would display as NotFound. This is especially helpful to see whether the item is not available anymore so you can remove it from your database as soon as possible.

These are critical updates. You should update ZonASINHunter as soon as possible.

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